Boston Alliance for Community Health

About Us

True health equity is achieved when every person, regardless of their socio-economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other status, has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential and the highest quality of life appropriate for each stage of life.

Community Engagement & Membership

To support health planning efforts and help ensure successful community engagement of neighbors, local businesses, and other key local institutions, BACH offers technical assistance on a range of issues through monthly round-tables as part of its Learning Community, as well as periodic trainings and workshops. These sessions are open and provide a forum for dialogue and education on health planning and assessment. They address the complexity in discussing health disparities including the role race and class plays in communities and how to build and sustain strong coalitions.

The purpose of the Community Engagement and Membership Committee is to

  • Diversify community partnerships and increase resident involvement in BACH’s advocacy and health planning through education, communication, and collaboration
  • Implement effective approaches for sharing information on the successes, challenges and resources of community members, coalitions, and BACH affiliates
  • Provide educational opportunities for residents, coalitions and organizations about community health, health equity, and the role racism plays in the system in order to reach BACH’s mission and vision
  • Promote community engagement and strengthen relationships between BACH and neighborhood coalitions/organizations throughout Boston to improve health outcomes, reduce disparities, and empower residents to advocate for community health.