Boston Alliance for Community Health

About Us

True health equity is achieved when every person, regardless of their socio-economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other status, has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential and the highest quality of life appropriate for each stage of life.

Community Investment Committee

BACH is able to support community health initiatives that align with our strategic issues. In addition, BACH provides a limited amount of stipends to support leadership development and other training initiatives. Funding is supported through MA Department of Health’s Determination of Needs process (see our Funding page for more information).

The purpose of the Community Investment Committee is to

  • Insure credibility of and accountability for the results of activities and use of funds that BACH distributes to community coalitions
  • Implement a funding process that is based on the strategic goals, priorities, and budget approved annually by the Steering Committee
  • Approve any materials, including Requests for Proposals and Reporting Forms drafted by staff
  • Review and evaluate proposals and make recommendations for funding to the Steering Committee
  • Review the annual audit of fiscal sponsor and meet with auditors, if necessary
  • Develop and implement a periodic review process with funded coalitions designed to assess progress and recommend revisions of plans as needed

For more information, check out the 2015 Community Investment Summary Report