Improving health.

Engaging Community.

Strengthening Partnerships.

BACH accomplishes much of its work through the efforts of subcommittees and working groups comprised of members of the Steering Committee and other volunteers from the community and partner organizations.

Community Engagement & Advocacy Committee

Creates sustainable and diverse partnerships with organizations and residents that build capacity to impact BACH’s advocacy and health planning, through education, communication and collaboration.


Provides fiscal direction for BACH by reviewing budgets, revenues, expenditures, investments and other matters related to BACH’s continued sustainability.

Health Planning & Improvement Committee

Monitors trends in health inequities throughout Boston neighborhoods by tracking progress towards MAPP and CHIP goals works to enhance data collection, assessment and research, by partnering with hospitals and public health departments.

Racial Equity Committee

Works to improve our internal capacity to raise and discuss issues of race and racism, and ensure representation and leadership of persons of color on the all committee and work groups.