Our Story

We are Boston’s CHNA.

BACH has been working to improve health outcomes as the Community Health Network Area (CHNA) for Boston. Started by the MA Department of Public Health, CHNAs work collaboratively to identify local and regional health priorities, design community-based prevention plans, and track success in achieving healthier communities to develop health improvement projects. We are committed to health promotion, equity and community.

For over 30 years, we have been working to improve the health of Boston residents.


In 1992, the Department of Public Health established Community Health Network Areas (CHNAs) throughout the state. BACH was established in 1994 and began building strong partnerships with neighborhood coalitions through Healthy Boston Initiatives. 


Throughout the early 2000’s, BACH primarily focused on distributing mini-grants that support neighborhood-level program strategies to address health inequities, such as nutrition and workout programs.


In 2010, BACH went through its first strategic planning process that engaged a broader range of community partners. From this process, BACH began to focus on systemic and structural issues, developed a 19-person Steering Committee, representative of hospitals, health centers, government agencies and community coalitions and organizations.


After, embarking on a three-year planning process called Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), BACH, developed five strategic issues that focused more explicitly on racial inequities in the social determinants of health. Currently, BACH’s work consist of convening partners, aligning citywide efforts, and pushing for policy change related to each issue.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources.

BACH’s primary source of funding comes through MA Determination of Need (DoN) process. We receive funding from five Boston hospitals Additionally, BACH receives funding from the Centers for Disease Control through Boston Public Health Commission, to support the Healthy Community Champions of Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! program. Tufts Medical Foundation is also supporting a community engagement process to develop a resident-driven policy agenda.

BACH has a Memorandum of Agreement with Health Resources in Action (HRiA), a nonprofit public health organization that provides BACH with a range of administrative and fiscal services. While BACH purchases these services, not all costs are fully covered and, thus, receives in-kind contributions from HRiA as well.

  • DoN 60%
  • CDC 14%
  • Foundation 26%

Total Budget = $427K