Raheem Baraka

Executive Director, Baraka Community Wellness
“In the city of Boston that is so seemingly progressive and innovative and so rich with health, educational, and financial resources, there are blatant and stark differences in access, outcomes, and equality amongst it’s residents. Black, Brown and Latino populations fare far worse on every societal and health measurable than our white counterparts. I have joined the BACH Steering Committee to apply my passion, commitment and insight to helping to bring these truths to the surface, keep them on the surface, and work towards making Boston an equitable city for all.”

Raheem Baraka is the founder and Executive Director of Baraka Community Wellness (BCW), a nonprofit community based organization with a mission to close the gap on health disparities and reduce healthcare costs as they relate to preventable chronic diseases within vulnerable and at-risk populations. Specific to the mission, BCW provides wellness solutions for at-risk individuals and communities that engage, educate, and empower through developing and implementing programs that address the social and behavioral determinants of poor health outcomes with a focus on lifestyle and behavior, food access and education, and environmental contributors. Prior to founding BCW, Raheem served as the Director of Fitness for the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Community Health Centers and was primarily responsible for developing and implementing health promotion and intervention programs for the hospital as well as direct to community engagements. These programs ranged from employee wellness initiatives to community wide holistic behavioral programming and in addition he trained clinicians and providers on exercise adherence and behaviors, health coaching and technics on how to effectively communicate, deliver and implement these non-clinical prevention approaches to patients specific to their individual need through tailored wellness models. Raheem is actively involved in population health and is on the ground of prevention activities within Boston MA and New England and serves as the chairperson of The American Heart Association’s Healthy Equity Consortium, is a member of the Community Healthy Living Initiative for Head Start, is a delegate for Food Solutions New England and is a Healthy Boston Ambassador for a joint project with the Boston Public Health Commission(BPHC) and the Boston Alliance for Community Health(BACH). Raheem has also been recognized for his work and dedication to community health and prevention initiatives by being an awardee of a 2010 and 2015 Partners in Excellence Award, A Citation of Recognition from the Massachusetts House of Representatives Liz Malia and a 2016 BACH Community Leadership Award.

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