What We Believe

Our mission is to…

…unite public, private, and non-profit partners in neighborhood-based, data-driven health planning and improvement to influence policymaking, program development, service delivery, and resource allocations that protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of all Boston residents.


We envision a Boston…

…that is vibrant, just, and equitable, where all people who live, work, play, pray and learn have optimal health and well-being and enjoy a supportive environment and a sense of safety and belonging-regardless of who they are, what neighborhood they live, or where they come from.


Our work is rooted in racial justice and equitable access. We value…

…strong and meaningful community partnerships and collective action that is relevant and sustainable. The following principles guide our work

Social determinants of health, particularly racism, are major causes of population health inequities and must be addressed in order to achieve lasting change

The most sustainable changes are those that community residents have been involved in identifying and making them

The Policy, Systems, and Environment approach to change can have the broadest impact because it complements rather than replaces direct care and services to individual and families

Every public and private sector partner, including business, government, faith-based groups, educational and research institutions, needs to participate and align their efforts to make and support these changes if they are to be successful.