January 26, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Non-Profit Center
89 South St
Boston, MA 02111
Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Tech Networks of Boston is pleased to invite you to a Roundtable session for nonprofit organizations that want to do public advocacy.

Here’s the registration link:


The title of the January 26th session will be “TNB Roundtable: Using Nonprofit Advocacy Rules to Meet Your Mission,” and the featured guest will be Betsy Schmidt, the author of “Nonprofit Law: The Life Cycle of a Charitable Organization” and a professor of practice at UMass-Amherst’s school of public policy.

Here’s what Betsy says about this session:

“In this increasingly politicized world, nonprofit leaders often realize that they can serve their clients best by advocating for policy changes. How do they do that and stay within the boundaries of the law? In this Roundtable, you’ll learn how to differentiate advocacy, lobbying, and political campaign intervention. You’ll learn what you can and cannot do in each of those situations, and you will leave, inspired to further your organization’s mission through advocacy and lobbying. We will also make sense of the pronouncements and possible changes in the Johnson Amendment—the part of Sec. 501(c)(3) that prevents nonprofits from engaging in political campaign activity.”

We do hope that you will join us on January 26th!

Please note that registration is free for employees of nonprofit organizations; however, you must have a confirmed registration in order to attend. It would break our hearts to turn you away for lack of one, so please do register today.

If we are booked to capacity by the time that you go to register, please put yourself on the waiting list. We have a very good track record of finding seats for nonprofit professionals who are interested in participating.