Boston Alliance for Community Health

Initiatives and Activities

"When you add us all up, BACH's membership is in the thousands. Some of us are from the neighborhood and some of us are from an organization. We may not always agree on everything, but in the end, we all want the same thing: safe and healthy communities."


Boston Alliance for Community Health is excited to offer workshop/training scholarships and daily stipends to our BACH members. We understand the importance of supporting our residents and community leaders in gaining the skills to be well-informed and successful advocates for systemic changes. Workshops/Trainings must be centered on skill building that connects with one of the five strategic issues listed below:

  1. How can we achieve racial and ethnic health equity?
  2. How can we improve coordination and integration of healthcare and community-based prevention services and activities?
  3. How can we build and increase resilience in communities impacted by trauma?
  4. How can we improve health outcomes by focusing on education, employment, and transportation policies and practices?
  5. How can we increase the number of immigrants, people of color, and other underrepresented populations in leadership roles and decision-making processes?

Scholarships will be offered for up to $250 to cover all or partial registration fees. Stipends will be $35 for half day (up to 4 hours) and $70 for a full day (over 4 hours). Multiple day conferences are also eligible ($70/day).


  • Applicant must be a member of BACH, affiliated with a partner organization and live or work in Boston.
  • Individual participants may only receive one scholarship per fiscal year (July-June).
  • Partner organizations are limited to three scholarships per year for its members
  • After completion of the workshop/training, applicant must present the information with their coalition or a community based organization in order to share the knowledge gained with the greater community.

Application Process

To apply, candidates must complete the application below and email Jamiah Tappin at with subject line reading, “Training Scholarship Application.”

Approval and Notification Process

Once the application and all required attachments are returned, BACH staff will review the submissions. Decisions are made first come, first serve and scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis. The budget for this fiscal year, ending June 2016, is for a total $9,500. Candidates will be notified via email within 5-7 days of their submission.

Scholarship Criteria

  • All areas of the application are completed, including the letter of support from the partner organization (an email from the organization is sufficient).
    • Applicant has demonstrated the value of the course and how it will benefit the applicant professionally
    • Course or training content is connected to BACH’s strategic issues
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