Boston Alliance for Community Health

Initiatives and Activities

"When you add us all up, BACH's membership is in the thousands. Some of us are from the neighborhood and some of us are from an organization. We may not always agree on everything, but in the end, we all want the same thing: safe and healthy communities."

Community Engagement

BACH’s work largely depends on the engagement of Boston’s public health sector, medical community, and residents alike. BACH also aims to provide space and resources  to build social capital  both within and across Boston’s many neighborhoods. To strengthen resident engagement with both BACH and each other, we offer access to free educational opportunities throughout the state, a leadership pipeline within BACH and the greater public health community, an extensive network of community organizations and advocates, and discounted tickets to Boston events and activities. Individuals also have the opportunity to strengthen their own community’s voice by choosing to get involved with many of our initiatives.

Some of BACH’s community-engagement programs include Learning Community Sessions for Committee members and other interested individuals; monthly Community Engagement and Membership Workshops covering a wide range of health topics; BachLEARN, a biweekly newsletter featuring local workshops, webinars, and conferences; and Making Healthy Connections, a three-part resource fair (and this year, film viewing). Given the wide geographic scope of our work, our in-person educational outlets are rotated throughout different Boston neighborhoods.