Boston Alliance for Community Health

Community Coalitions and Partners

At BACH, we have a deep and abiding faith in the ‘wisdom of community’—that people who live, work and play in a neighborhood intuitively know its strengths and challenges. From Roxbury to Charlestown—we are a coalition of over 50 active and passionate partners. Join us.

Community Coalitions

Allston-Brighton Health Collaborative

AB Health Collaborative

The Allston Brighton Health Collaborative, begun in 2012, is a collaboration of organizations devoted to working together to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of the communities of Allston and Brighton. We achieve this by working in partnership and by engaging the residents of Allston and Brighton in order to identify the needs of the community and to create programming to address those needs. The Collaborative has a membership base of over 70 organizations, institutions, and individuals involved in public health in Allston/Brighton. The ABHC is a reorganization of the long standing Allston Brighton Healthy Boston Coalition, which collaboratively organized efforts for over 10 years, and functions under the fiscal sponsorship of the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation.

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Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition

Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition

The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) is a community-based coalition of residents, businesses, organizations, professionals, and advocates who work together to reduce substance abuse in Charlestown. Through a unified, collaborative approach, the CSAC utilizes existing community resources, organizes programs to identify needs, and harnesses the energy and commitment of all to provide a safe, healthy environment in Charlestown. The CSAC’s four main areas of focus are changing community norms, attitudes and behaviors about alcohol and substance abuse; decreasing the supply of drugs through increased resources; decreasing demand through access to treatment and recovery for individuals and families; and education, prevention, and interventions to reduce risk factors for families and strengthen protective factors. Follow us on Facebook.

Codman Square Neighborhood Council

Codman Square Neighborhood Council

The Codman Square Neighborhood Council is made up of residents and community partners working together to improve the quality of life for those living and working in the Codman Square Community. The Codman Square Neighborhood Council aims to inform the community about opportunities to strengthen their health, families and community, to increase communication between community, city departments and elected officials, and to engage and empower residents to connect them to resources. Examples of CSNC initiatives include the Hidden Heroes Awards Celebration, the Codman Square Farmer’s Market, the Annual Health Report of Dorchester Community meeting and Greenovate Boston outreach and recruitment. The CSNC also engages youth in the community with the BOLD Teens program. The Council works on many projects which include increasing jobs for 14-24 year olds through the Youth Hub of Millennium Ten and increasing ridership on the T and at Fairmount T Commuter line in hopes of eventually converting the line to rapid transit with all day service and weekend hours. The Council also works with the Boston Public Health Commission on increasing healthier food choices and reducing tobacco sales to reduce rates of illness from tobacco, diabetes, and heart disease. A key priority is to create more affordable housing and increase the number of owner occupied housing in the area.

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East Boston Collaborative for Families

East Boston Neighborhood Against Substance Abuse

The East Boston Collaborative for Families (EBCF) operates out of the EB Social Center at 68 Central Square in EB. The EBCF is a collaboration between the Boston Public Schools and providers and agencies in EB that deal with education, child care, and family/parenting issues. The collaborative provides training, support, and opportunities for positive family engagement especially among the immigrant population in EB. EBCF is culturally and linguistically sensitive to the needs of the ever changing demographics of the community and helps build capacity among the residents through outreach to improve the quality of life, provide educational opportunities, and positively impact health outcomes for all.

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Franklin Field Franklin Hill Dorchester Healthy Boston Coalition

Franklin Field Franklin Hill Dorchester Healthy Boston Coalition

The Franklin Field Franklin Hill Dorchester Healthy Boston Coalition (FFFHDHB) operates with the premise that the social determinants of health — jobs, education, transportation, housing, and health care — are the essential building blocks for a healthy community. Supported by dynamic resident involvement along the Blue Hill Avenue corridor, FFFHDHB has built and sustained community resources, opportunities, and assets. After years of advocacy and initiating programs, the Coalition was informed by The Health of Boston Report that our community had some of the worst health disparities in the city. We have committed to addressing the health inequities and will engage in MAPP Health Planning Improvement.

Healthy Chinatown Alliance

The Chinatown Coalition

The Healthy Chinatown Alliance works to create a healthy Chinatown where members of the community are well-informed, have access to healthy affordable food, and have a safe and clean environment to live, play and work. The Healthy Chinatown Alliance promotes health equity among Chinatown community members through education, advocacy, research, capacity building and improved access to care. To do this, Healthy Chinatown is developing programs that enhance knowledge, health behaviors and advocacy skills for parents and orchestrating collaborative efforts on child obesity prevention and intervention.

Jamaica Plain Tree of Life/Arbol de Vida

Jamaica Plain Tree of Life

The Jamaica Plain Coalition/Tree of Life/Arbol de Vida’s mission is to work as an organization that represents the community, empowers residents, and engages the service providers to promote the health and well-being of all Jamaica Plain/Egleston Square residents. The coalition has three focus areas: supporting and strengthening families, addressing health inequities, and insuring accessible and adequate services for older adults.

Mattapan United

Mattapan United is a community organizing process that connects residents and other leaders to define the future of Mattapan. This resident-led process, convened by ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center, resulted in a community contract that identifies strengths and challenges, and outlines solutions. Mattapan United envisions a community grassroots engagement process that creates an identity of Mattapan as a dynamic, desirable place to live, work and visit.

North Dorchester Coalition

The North Dorchester Coalition (NDC) began in 2013 as a diverse and inclusive cross-neighborhood collaboration working to address cycles of violence and community health and wellness. Using an intergenerational approach, the NDC seeks to educate and empower residents and organizations to make collective impact for systemic change. The NDC targets the neighborhoods of Bowdoin Geneva, Fields Corner, Grove Hall and Uphams Corner with an emphasis on the ethnic and cultural diversity seen in the community. Some of NDC’s overarching goals include building social cohesion, neighborhood capacity and resident leadership. We currently lead community initiatives around sexual health, community violence and an annual neighborhood conversation, called “Speak Up!” which highlights current issues impacting the health of North Dorchester residents.

Roxbury Alliance for Community Health

Roxbury Alliance

The Roxbury Alliance for Community Health strives to educate, empower, and improve the health status of Roxbury residents. The Roxbury Alliance for Community Health facilitates community events such as the Annual Roxbury Jazz in the Park for Good Health. The Roxbury Alliance also organizes the Roxbury Weigh in, an eight-week program that promotes weight management and obesity prevention through health education, healthy nutrition, and fitness.

South Boston Collaborative Advisory Network

South Boston Collaborative Advisory Network

The South Boston Collaborative Advisory Network (CAN) is a diverse partnership of service providers and community residents engaged in active collaboration to increase social and emotional well–being and to decrease substance abuse in the South Boston community. By sharing resources and information, the coalition identifies emerging social trends, develops strategies, and implements and sustains holistic community-wide efforts. The coalition educates residents and agencies on prevention and treatment models and provides the community with opportunities to become involved in legislative action, health interventions, referrals, and advocacy.

South End Healthy Boston Coalition

South End Healthy Boston Coalition

The South End Healthy Boston Coalition is a group of concerned social service providers, community agencies, residents, and local leaders devoted to improving the health, safety and quality of life for the South End Community at large. The Coalition’s primary aim is to identify the extent and impact of substance abuse as a public health problem within the South End neighborhood and to work with the community to reduce negative health outcomes associated with substance abuse through assessment, education, advocacy, and training. The coalition values collaboration among public and private sector organizations, community groups, and residents.