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“INAUGURAL ISSUE OF BACHLEARN”: Boston Alliance for Community Health to Send out a Bi-Weekly Training Newsletter

Boston, MA: October 4, 2015: Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH) will send out its first issue of BachLEARN tomorrow, October 5, 2015.

LEARN stands for “Leadership, Education and Activism Resource Newsletter.” BachLEARN compiles local trainings and workshops related to such topics, as well as public health, social justice and community development issues.

BachLEARN will be sent to BACH’s entire mailing list. Additional interested recipients can subscribe via the first page of BACH’s website. With so many educational trainings offered throughout Massachusetts, BachLEARN aims to make opportunities more accessible.

To further increase accessibility, the organization will offer scholarships and stipends for any training connected to its Five Strategic Issues. These include improving racial and ethnic health equity; coordinating healthcare and community-based services; developing resilience through trauma; improving health outcomes through improved education, employment, and transportation policies; and increasing the leadership roles of underrepresented individuals.

The registration scholarships cover up to $250 of training fees, and daily stipends provide $70 per day. The goal of the funding is to increase the leadership potential of underrepresented individuals by exposing a wider range of Boston citizens to professional education opportunities.

About BACH: Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH) is a diverse city-wide partnership of neighborhood coalitions and over 50 community-based partners working to make Boston a healthier and a more equitable place to live, work, pray and play. With a strong emphasis on social determinants of health and racial justice, BACH uses data-driven, health planning to influence policymaking, program development and service delivery.


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