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"When you add us all up, BACH's membership is in the thousands. Some of us are from the neighborhood and some of us are from an organization. We may not always agree on everything, but in the end, we all want the same thing: safe and healthy communities."


Interviews with League Cycling Instructors

Michelle Cook, Farah Wong and Vivian Ortiz are League Cycling Instructors (LCI) who live and bike in Boston. Both Farah and Vivian work on the Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! Project and serve as a Healthy Community Champion (HCCs) and HCC coordinator in Allston-Brighton and Mattapan. Michelle Cook is the founder of Roxbury Rides and is a resident […]

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Healthy Community Leadership Awardee honored at Celtics game with Heroes Among Us award!

Edwin Slater Jr. (EJ) was recognized at BACH’s Annual Meeting in December 2016 with our Healthy Community Leadership Award, given to five Boston residents who are either immigrants, persons of color, or from another underrepresented group and have taken on leadership roles in their communities and demonstrated a commitment to improving community health and addressing racial […]

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Guide for Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights

Public Health Awakened is a group of public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice. They work with social justice movements on strategic and collective action to resist the threats faced by communities of color and low-income communities and to create a world in which everyone can thrive. Included in the work of Public […]

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Spotlight: Healthy Community Leadership Awardees

We awarded our 2016 Healthy Community Leadership Awards (HCLA) to five amazing Bostonians: EJ Slater, Lisa Melara, Raheem Baraka, Edna de Paula and Michelle Cook. The HCLA is given to individuals who are either immigrants, persons of color, or from an underrepresented group and have been leaders in improving the health of our Boston community […]

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Criminal Justice Reform is a Public Health Issue

BACH has committed to supporting and promoting the Jobs NOT Jail Coalition, whose goal is to redirect costly prison spending towards jobs, training and support for Massachusetts’ lowest income communities. So why is a community health alliance supporting a criminal justice reform campaign? The answer is simple: because it is an important way to move […]

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HCCs Bring New Enthusiasm to the Fairmount Greenway Efforts

The idea to create a Fairmount Greenway first emerged in 2008 and the Fairmount Greenway Task Force (FGTF) has been working on the project since then. The Fairmount Greenway Concept Plan was written by a Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge, local landscape architecture firm, in 2011 after the FGTF engaged 400 residents in the planning process.  The […]

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Newsletter Spotlight: North Dorchester

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation was founded in 1979 to help address the problems of economic disinvestment, unemployment, crime, community tensions, and the shortage of quality affordable housing in the Dorchester community. The Dorchester community still faces many of these problems along with new challenges as a result of gentrification and displacement. Dorchester Bay EDC’s […]

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Newsletter Spotlight: Mattapan

Food deserts are often defined as communities that lack access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and other whole foods.  Mattapan is often referred to as a food dessert due to a lack of grocery stores and healthy food providers with only one full service grocery store. However, the residents have other options to access food via […]

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Summit on Race & Equity

On May 16-17, Boston Alliance for Racial Equity (BARE), in collaboration with Governing for Racial Equity Alliance (GARE), the Office of Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the City of Boston, held the city’s first racial justice conference, “The Summit on Race & Equity: A Call to Government & Community.” This Summit, which welcomed over 500 […]

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Trauma & Resilience

In May, BACH’s Community Investment Committee released a Request for Proposal to engage trauma organizations in an effort to move forward with Strategic Issues #3 identified in the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) Health Planning Report. BACH distributed $60,000 to trauma response and resilience building efforts through funding support from Determination of […]

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