Boston Alliance for Community Health

About Us

True health equity is achieved when every person, regardless of their socio-economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other status, has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential and the highest quality of life appropriate for each stage of life.


Members are expected to support and promote the mission of the Alliance through their work and active participation in Alliance committees and public policy initiatives. Members have access to BACH’s data and resources, they can elect others onto BACH’s Steering Committee and become involved in the organization’s decision-making process.

As a member of BACH, you will gain access to free educational opportunities throughout the state, a leadership pipeline within BACH and the greater public health community, an extensive network of community organizations and advocates, and discounted tickets to Boston events and activities. 

Organizational Members

This level is open to any private non-profit organization, civic group, charitable and religious group, business and corporate entity, hospital, community health center, individual and state and municipal government organization that serves or advocates on behalf of Boston residents.

If your organization is interested in becoming a member, contact Jamiah Tappin at

Individual Members

We are looking to increase community engagement in BACH through the involvement of committed individual members who are eager to learn about improving their neighborhood’s health.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Members are asked to join at least one of BACH’s Subcommittees, Strategic Workgroups, or our Ambassador Program.

  • Subcommittees
    • Health Planning and Improvement
    • Community Engagement and Membership
    • Racial Equity
    • Community Investment
    • Finance
    • Policy Advocacy
  • Strategic Issue Working Groups
    • Strategic Issue #1: Achieving Racial and Ethnic Health Equity
    • Strategic Issue #2: Improving Coordination and Integration of Healthcare and Community-Based Prevention Services and Activities
    • Strategic Issue #3: Increasing Resilience in Communities Impacted By Trauma
    • Strategic Issue #4: Improving Health Outcomes Through Education, Employment, and Transportation Policies and Practices
    • Strategic Issue #5: Increasing the Number of Immigrants, People of Color, and Other Underrepresented Populations in Leadership Roles and Decision-Making Processes
  • BACH Ambassadors: Convey BACH’s mission and initiatives to your neighborhood, recruit potential members, and promote community-level public health efforts that align with BACH’s 5 Strategic Issues.

If you are interested in becoming an individual member, please subscribe to our mailing list and contact Julia Healey at