• Our Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! the program, in partnership with BPHC, came to an end in September of 2017. A planning grant from Tufts New England Foundation funded a 4-month assessment of the Healthy Community Champion program model that led to subsequent recommendations on how to best move forward. The grant provides for 18 months of reflection, documentation, and planning for what has been dubbed, HCC 2.0. The assessment was led by a consultant who is versed in public health program planning and supported by a 7-person task force from the HCC program and BACH, who offered ideas on program size, budget, policy areas relevant to a healthier Boston and possible funding sources. Since inception, the program’s emergent strategy was informed by both secondary data and more importantly residents and constituents.
  • On December 12th, we held our Annual Meeting at the Bolling Building in Dudley Square, drawing nearly 200 attendees. The evening included a panel discussion on the redistribution of Boston’s wealth into communities of color and featured: Dr. Thea James, Vice President of Mission of Boston Medical Center, Anh Nguyen, Director of Bowdoin Geneva Main Streets, Thomas Shapiro from Brandeis University and was moderated by Magnolia Contreras, Director of Community Benefits from Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Attendees took the opportunity to voice their opinions on the rising cost of housing in the city of Boston and the gentrification that disadvantaged groups are facing. Panelist talked both about their hopes and the efforts that their organization is taking to improve and positively impact these issues. We also presented five Healthy Community Leadership Awards to a diverse group of Boston leaders.

Rainelle Walker-White, Assistant Director for the Family Van, receives her Healthy Community Leadership Award.

  • HCC 2.0 has broadened the efforts of the Healthy Community Champions program to include organizing from the grassroots level to advocacy at the legislative level. We recently reconnected with HCC’s to assess their interest in different policy issues, as well as interviewed all the former grantees. HCC’s primary issues include active transit and affordable housing, with secondary issues focused on healthy food and health care access. We are excited to move forward with this work to increase alignment across BACH. We have convened two Communities of Practice around transit and affordable housing to:
    • connect efforts across the city and learn best practices
    • identify community partners and grassroots efforts
    • explore campaigns that we can participate in, such as Better Buses Campaign or Jim Brooks Stabilization Act
    • connect with City Councilors to understand their interest and passions
    • and connect with internal efforts, such as ISHI and ACHI work
  • We have reconvened our Community Engagement & Advocacy committee which focuses on communications and outreach efforts and now will provide oversight and structure to the HCC program. The committee, which consists of HCC’s Ambassadors and other CBO’s has been working diligently to revise the committee charter, define membership, develop guidelines for HCC oversight and sustainability, and set outreach and communication goals. The core values of anti-racism, cross-neighborhood collaboration, social determinants for health, healthy communities and age-friendly domains underpin the HCC 2.0 program, which will be reflected in BACH’s policy agenda. This will lead to a community engagement and advocacy plan to be released in June to better integrate and execute all our engagement efforts.
  • We have also supported our resident members in attending conferences to support leadership and capacity building
    • Vivian Ortiz from Mattapan attended the National Bike Summit in Washington DC
    • HCCs and HCC Coordinators Beto Rosa, Vivian Ortiz, and Luz Pimental (an HCC and student at Roxbury Prep) participated in a panel with BPHC at DPH’s Ounce of Prevention Conference.

  • Submitted an abstract and was selected to present the Opening Plenary at the regional conference New England Walk Bike Summit, where one HCC, an HCC coordinator and the HCC Program manager alongside our partners will spearhead a conversation on innovations in collaboration towards biking equity. The session is scheduled to also include MA Secretary of Transportation, Stephanie Pollack. See here: https://www.greenway.org/new-england-bike-walk-summit/featured-speakers
  • The HCC’s are excited to participate in the planning of the 2nd Annual Boston Bike Equity Forum in partnership with BPHC, Boston Cyclist Union, Madison Park Development Corporation and Transportation for Massachusetts for a spring convening. This is a follow-up to Spring 2017 Summit which attracted 120+ participants, primarily residents of color. Its purpose is to reframe “bicycling” as accessible and healthy for all people.
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