Request for proposals from individuals, firms, or not-for-profits to produce a series of short promotional videos to highlight BACH’s Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! Program. Proposals due April 16th at 5:00 PM. Learn more about this opportunity from the following information, which can also be downloaded in PDF form here.

Since 2014, BACH has partnered with the Boston Public Health Commission on a Centers for Disease Control funded project Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) which we call Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! (LGHB). LGHB focuses on voluntary policy, systems, and environment changes in domains that have a significant effect on chronic disease: healthy food and beverages, opportunities for active transportation, and smoke-free housing. A major part of LGHB has been the partnership between BPHC and BACH. The strategy for community engagement has been the development of the Healthy Community Champions (HCC) program, where 10 community based organizations (CBOs) are contracted and in turn, recruited over a range of 3 to 15 residents for each organization to work on the project’s identified issues. A comprehensive training program was developed to ground the diverse groups in shared public health language, concepts and advocacy skills, and later the teams self-organized into either community of practice or affinity groups” in each of these three issue areas for peer learning and cross neighborhood collaboration. The work of the HCCs, with support from the CBOs, BPHC, and BACH has resulted in over 9,000 housing units going smoke-free, increased access to Hubway, Boston’s bike share program and campaigns with pharmacy chains and neighborhood convenience stores and bodegas to decrease the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Healthy Community Champions Promotional Video

The overall objective of the proposed film project is to produce a series of short promotional video(s) to highlight Healthy Community Champions Program. The promotional video is intended to communicate for donor stewardship, partnership recruitment, and sharing with the wider public about the Let’s Get Healthy Boston’s (LGHB) Healthy Community Champions Program. The promotional video will highlight the program’s achievements, impact on neighborhoods in policy and systems changes, and most importantly, record the impact and stories of several HCCs and team members. The format will capture 8-10 activities and 6-9 interviews, on the work of the groups, as well as on the experience participating in the HCC program.

General Scope of Work

The following scope of work is envisaged for successful completion of the assignment:

  • Review all documents and materials (project outlines, brief activity report, any other visibility material produced such as brochures, press releases, etc.) to better understand the project objectives, HCC/LGHB mandate and results achieved.
  • Participate in 2-3 meetings including kick-off meeting as well as mid-point and final cut
  • Create a production and post-production schedule for the filming process.
  • Draft a script including proposed interview questions of the promotional video in partnership with the LGHB team.
  • Produce 10 short neighborhood-focused version segments of maximum 3 minutes each
  • Produce a promotional video with one long version
  • Lead a presentation of the promotional video to LGHB project team
  • Additionally: products should be available in English and have subtitles, where participants speak another language in HDV 1080i50 broadcast quality.
  • Provide versions of all products compatible for Internet, mobile devices and mov. format, raw footage and other formats, to be agreed on
  • Adhere to storytelling and documentary principles to produce a film that is positive, honest, and authentic and of high cinematography quality.


  • Seven to Ten, short 2-3 minute videos, of interviews and activities of the HCC teams, in their respective Boston neighborhoods.
  • One combined neighborhood segments into a master promotional video

Qualifications and Experience

  • Individual, Firm or Not for Profit with experience working on storytelling and film features
  • Experience with communities of color, newer immigrants, and other historically underserved groups
  • Some knowledge of Boston’s neighborhoods and its community-based organizations
  • A portfolio of similar projects e.g. storytelling, health, arts, neighborhood documentary

Contract Details

  • The contract will extend from April 30th to August 30th, 2017
  • A specific detailed consultant contract will be provided for signature by BACH’s fiscal sponsor, Health Resources in Action, Inc. and the consultant.

Please submit proposals with the following by 5:00 PM Sunday, April 16th to Tamika R. Francis with the subject line: “Healthy Community Champions Promotional Video.”

  1. A technical approach which describes how your processes or ‘way of working’ and produce the deliverables described above
  2. A link or examples of recent and relevant projects
  3. A firm estimate of the cost of this assignment
  4. Experience/Resume of the team members who would be involved in this project
  5. Contact information of previous clients during the last eighteen months and whom we can contact as references.
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