Boston Alliance for Community Health

Initiatives and Activities

"When you add us all up, BACH's membership is in the thousands. Some of us are from the neighborhood and some of us are from an organization. We may not always agree on everything, but in the end, we all want the same thing: safe and healthy communities."


Campus of Care Collaborative

What is the Campus of Care Collaborative? The Campus of Care Collaborative aims to reduce racial and ethnic inequities in education and health by 1) increasing the number of formerly isolated families who make use of available services that can positively impact their children’s health and education outcomes, and 2) enhancing the impact of available […]

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Community Health Leader Training

What is the Community Health Leader Training? This pilot project aims to train women as health leaders in regard to reproductive health and diseases of the reproductive system that disproportionately affect women of African descent. The training exposes these health leaders to a new dimension in the public discourse about the health and social challenges […]

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Resident Spotlight: Amy McCarthy

Amy McCarthy South Boston Collaborative Advisory Network (SBCAN) SBCAN is one of our Champions for Strategic Issue #3 around trauma and resiliency. How does this issue connect to the South Boston neighborhood? South Boston has high rates of overdoses and suicides, which can be traumatic for the families directly impacted, but also neighbors and other […]

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